Sustainability is the driving force for our company. We do not see landfills as IBA's final destination; we see new beginnings. Blue Phoenix Group transforms the seemingly unrecyclable into usable materials. With our state-of-the-art technology, we are building a sustainable future. 

Why we do it

Population growth and rising living standards have led to an increase in the consumption of goods and energy. The increased consumption means an increase in the use of primary resources and waste produced. This increase in municipal solid waste (MSW) and extraction of resources is concerning, as it also increases greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the waste and mining industries.

Waste management technologies have continuously improved to manage waste and minimize the impacts on the environment. The incineration of MSW is an effective way to reduce waste volume while generating energy to fuel our society, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels that are the major contributors to climate change. In Europe alone, energy recovery from waste accounts for 27% of municipal waste management. However, the 22 million tons of IBA produced in Europe each year need to be disposed of or processed. IBA contains valuable resources that can be recovered and circulated back into the economy. Blue Phoenix Group processes this IBA to recycle the seemingly unrecyclable.