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Take me on a journey

The word Phoenix stands for hope and resurrection

The Phoenix is an extraordinary mythical creature. At the end of its life when just ashes remain, something magical happens. New life emerges out of something that seems lifeless. What we consider to be the end suddenly transforms into a new beginning. The Phoenix stands for hope and resurrection, albeit a fictional being. It is the inspiration for our company, as we give ash a new life in the real world.

We do not see landfills as the final destination for residue ash

The ash in our line of business comes from power stations that process waste and turn it into energy. These so-called waste-to-energy plants try hard to make the most from waste, nevertheless ash remains as the last residue. When residue ash is not recycled it is usually buried at a landfill site. As we keep producing waste, more and more of these sites are needed. An untenable situation in the long run. We have to find a better, more sustainable way. We must do what’s possible to give this ash a new life and close the recycling loop for waste-to-energy plants.

We see new beginnings...

At Blue Phoenix Group, we do not see landfills as the final destination for residue ash. No, we see new beginnings. We see materials to construct buildings, highways and pavements. We see metals for new cars, computers and mobile phones. And we see a future in which waste-to-energy plants are fully circular.

Turning residue ash into new materials takes a little magic...

Turning ash into new materials takes a little magic. Magic that we developed together with governmental agencies and universities around the globe, institutions that are renowned for their groundbreaking innovations. With state-of-the-art technology we are able to find value in what seems useless. We invest heavily in technology to retrieve the smallest parts imaginable and keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with our determination and inventiveness.

A future in which waste-to-energy plants are fully circular

At Blue Phoenix Group we strongly believe there is no such thing as waste. With our passionate team we work globally to help waste-to-energy companies recycling the seemingly unrecyclable. We are not alone on our mission and join forces where we can. We work closely together with plant operators, governmental policy makers and regulators, visionary engineers and scientists. Together we can contribute to a more sustainable world.

We are Blue Phoenix Group building a sustainable future.