IBA Processing in Europe

In Europe, there are different needs from country to country regarding the processing and the use of IBA. Blue Phoenix Group has developed a suite of solutions to adapt to each situation. We use in-house developed and patented technology in combination with industry-standard equipment. 

How we do it

For the design of an IBA processing facility, we first look at the possible application areas of the recycled aggregates and offer dry processing and IBA washing solutions. Our in-house engineering department creates installations that are optimized for the Environmental, Civil, and Economic objectives of our clients.

IBA Processing in Germany

CC Gruppe is our division in Germany for IBA Processing. Founded in 1969 as a scrap trading business, CC Gruppe has grown to an innovative waste management specialist that, combined with the Blue Phoenix Group skills set, will expand further in the German and surrounding markets. The synergies between CC Gruppe and Blue Phoenix go beyond IBA processing as CC Gruppe brings filter dust management and non-incinerated industrial and municipal waste management knowledge to the group. These synergies enable us to further extend our solution offerings to our customers globally.

For more information on CC Gruppe, please visit the website.

IBA processing produces a manufactured aggregate that is suitable for road construction and large infrastructure projects. Manufactured aggregates are a great way to reuse the IBA, prevent landfilling and mining of construction materials. 

Please see our Aggregates section for further details on the route to market for the manufactured aggregates in large-scale infrastructure works and concrete products markets.