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      1 October 2020

      Head of Projects Delivery

      Rotterdam, The Netherlands

      Area of expertise
      Project Management




      The Waste-to-Energy business is growing rapidly and the generation of energy from household waste is accepted to be very useful application of our waste streams. A residue remains after the incineration process; this residue is called “bottom ash”. This bottom ash is a mixture of unburnt material, minerals, ferrous metals and precious non-ferrous metals.

      Blue Phoenix Group is the market leader in bottom ash processing. By processing the bottom ash with the most modern techniques, we make scarce minerals and metals usable again for use in various economic sectors. We are a dynamic growing organization, active on 4 continents and owned by private equity.

      Help us achieve our objectives as Head of Projects Delivery. In this position you are a directly reporting to the Board of Blue Phoenix Group.

      Objectives of the job

      You will ensure that projects with an EPC component (building new plants for new contracts as well as substantial improvements of existing installations) deliver the required products within the specified tolerances of time, cost, quality, scope, risk and benefits.


      • Lead an EPC team of about 4 Project Managers, Engineers and support;
      • Deliver projects in the EPC Delivery phase with the EPC team, with budgets between € 2-30 million;
      • Delivering projects Worldwide with focus on Europe, Far East, USA and Australia.


      You will manage the project portfolio, manage your team but will also act as project manager yourself.

      You will be responsible for establishing project governance and systems to ensure the delivery of projects and programmes. You will be accountable for the reporting of the portfolio status, for the quality of products delivered by the projects and projects engineers, whilst ensuring milestones are achieved across the Group. You will support and collaborate with business development to define deliverables, guidance and be point of contact for customers. You will be responsible for the technical integrity of projects, lead, develop and drive the strategy for Project Delivery including but not limited to short-term onboarding of projects and the long-term vision of the Blue Phoenix portfolio. The role will act as "point of contact" for collaborators and customers whilst holding accountability for overall programme delivery, represents the interests of project managers and project engineers.

      You have the authority to run the project on a day-to-day basis on behalf of the Steering Group within the constraints laid down by them. Your prime responsibility is to ensure that the project produces the required products within the specified tolerances of time, cost, quality, scope, risk and benefits. You are also responsible for the project producing a result capable of achieving the benefits defined in the Business Case.

      Job responsibilities

      • Determine and define project scope and objectives;
      • Preparation of project execution plan / project management plan;
      • Initiate and conduct project risk assessment;
      • Develop and monitor project budget based against target budget;
      • Define and control execution design/engineering activities;
      • Review proposals/plans from suppliers to determine time frame, cashflow, budgets, procedures for accomplishing project staffing requirements and allotment of available resources etc.;
      • In consultation with assigned Contractors, establish work plan and staffing for each phase of project, and ensure adequate resources are available to the project;
      • Confers with project staff to outline work plan and to assign duties, responsibilities, and scope;
      • Directs and coordinates activities of Contractors to ensure project progresses on schedule and within target;
      • Confers with project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve problems;
      • Prepare test and inspection plans;
      • Coordinate activities of third parties, technical advisors, grid operators;
      • Utilize industry best practices, techniques, and standards throughout entire project execution;
      • Reviews status reports prepared by Contractors and modifies schedules or plans as required;
      • Monitor progress and make adjustments as needed;
      • Prepares project reports for management, client, or others;
      • Measure project performance to identify areas for improvement;
      • And Manage certain projects yourself as a project manager.

      Required qualifications, skills & competencies

      • Minimum Bachelor degree in (mechanical or electrical) engineering, sustainable energy or any other related field;
      • At least 10 years of relevant experience in the execution of EPC projects in a for Blue Phoenix relevant market (Metal / waste / recycling / water treatment / bulk handling) of which partly in a management role;
      • Extensive EPC knowledge of design and manufacturing of heavy equipment;
      • International experience in relevant business to business relationships;
      • Willingness to travel in and outside The Netherlands;
      • Good communication skills, both oral and in writing;
      • Able to be convincing;
      • Fluency in English and Dutch. Command of German and / or French language is an advantage;
      • Problem solving, negotiation, conflict management, communication;
      • Seeking continuous improvement in all aspects of project management;
      • Ability to work under pressure with strict deadlines and budgets.