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Case study

Host for HBM and as an alternative Type1

IBAA is extremely cost effective and there are advantages logistically when using IBAA due to the low density of the material, meaning fewer vehicle movements when compared to Primary Aggregates.

2010/2011 Catthorpe Interchange M1 Junction 19 improvements

Highways Agency

Delivery Partner
SKANSKA (36,000), Bardon Composite Materials (6000 tonnes)

Material Requirements
42,000 tonnes of IBAA supplied ex Castle Bromwich

Approximately 30,000 tonnes 10mm down used as a replacement for conventional capping design materials for both Pavement and embankments. Another 6000 tonnes of 10mm down was used as host to produce a CBM 3 (Bardon Composite Pavements)

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The great majority of the Incinerator bottom ash consists of inert brick, rubble, glass, ceramics and stone. With other 20 years experience of processing and handling IBAA we believe that IBA Aggregate deposits can be better used and offer an alternative Manufactured Aggregate suitable for many applications.

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