QR Metals

QR Metals assures the upgrade of the metal scrap mix into high-quality products suitable for metal smelters. As part of the Blue Phoenix Group, QR Metals benefits from Blue Phoenix's global scale operations. We produce high volumes of specified qualities to suit the smelting processes of our metal off-takers.  

Our classification technology is able to separate even the finest metallic elements. We have our in-house metal element analysis laboratories to assess the metal qualities of all metal flows from the process. We have implemented the latest technology in our laboratories, including melt furnaces to test for base and precious metals. The thorough analysis assures the best control mechanism and highest outturn for our clients. 

Our close relation to the non-ferrous metal offtakers also helps us improve the quality of our metal products, resulting in better revenue streams. Apart from our non-ferrous separation refinery services, our company has long-term agreements with the copper, aluminum and ferrous refining industries, therefore we can offer independent trading services.

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