The great majority of the Incinerator bottom ash consists of inert brick, rubble, glass, ceramics and stone. With other 20 years experience of processing and handling IBAA we believe that IBA Aggregate deposits can be better used and offer an alternative Manufactured Aggregate suitable for many applications.

Way of working / Methodology
Our specialists help construction companies to optimize their materials matrix and assesses the use of the IBA aggregates in conjunction with local environmental specifications to assure proper use of IBAA in the environment and specific application. We have processed in excess of 13 million tons of IBA to date and work closely with regulators to ensure Environmental Protection is at the forefront of our day to day activities. We are offering a cost-effective aggregate that demonstrates true circular economics.

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CMSS 617636 31.01.20

ISO 9001 QMS FS 656969 31.01.20

ISO 14001 EMS 523409 31.01.20


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