Case study

Washed aggregates

Blue Phoenix Europe operates a large scale IBA washing facility in Assendelft, NL that processes 600.000 ton IBA per year. After metal separation and structural removal of contaminants about 450.000 ton of secondary aggregates find its way back into the circular economy. The washed aggregates replace virgin gravel and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the Dutch infrastructure industry.

The material is light, compacts well and has been approved by the Dutch Rijskawaterstaat and complies with the Greendeal BRL 2307 for civil and environmental properties.

The aggregates from our Dutch IBA washing facility receive the qualification of a freely applicable aggregate according to the Dutch Soil decree (2020). The majority of the aggregates are being applied as a bulk aggregates in road construction as base and subbase layers.

Material characteristics
0-30 mm washed aggregate with good draining properties due to removal of fines bulk density. Particle Size Distribution suitable for many infrastructure applications