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M62 Smart Motorway Upgrade, Junction 33 to 34, Ferrybridge

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September 2019


Upgrading the Central reservation Junction 33 to 34 on the M62 at Ferrybridge.

Material Requirements
5000 tonnes of SHW Clause 803 Type 1

Highways England, A1+ Integrated Highways Services

Delivery Partner
CR Civil Engineering LTD


Phase 1 - 2000m trench x 3.5m x 500mm depth. 370mm of Type 1 underneath 130mm of Asphalt.

Phase 2 – 1000mm Construction. Take down existing barrier x 3.5m wide trench x 900mm depth excavation. Construction of Concrete V Channel by Sub Contractor. Infill of both sides of V Channel with Type 1 & Concrete. Surfaced with Asphalt.


IBAA is an extremely cost-effective material when compared to Primary Aggregates and BP UK is working towards a verified Carbon Footprint.

There are also advantages logistically when using IBAA due to the low density of the material allowing for fewer vehicle movements as this gives volumetric advantages over primary materials.