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Adoptable Road – Zones 2 & 3, Priors Hall, Corby

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October 2021


Road and footpaths construction project.

Material Specification
2,600t tonnes of SHW Clause 803 Type 1 Granite Blend.

Urban & Civic PLC.


The contract was to construct a new road and footpaths to support the new housing development. The Type 1 Granite blend was used as an alternative to a primary material. The first phase was a road construction of 240 metres long with an average depth of 200mm, this will be overlayed by 300mm asphalt.


IBAA is an extremely cost-effective material when compared to Primary Aggregates and BP UK is working towards a verified Carbon Footprint.

There are also advantages logistically when using IBAA due to the low density of the material allowing for fewer vehicle movements as this gives volumetric advantages over primary materials.