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Project Gold, Severn Road, Bristol

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December 2019


Construction of a 450m adoptable road with footpaths.

Material Specification
800 tonnes of SHW Clause 803 Type 1 Subbase.

South Gloucestershire Council.

Delivery Partner
Britannia Construction Ltd.


IBAA (Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate) was supplied from our Severnside plant at Avonmouth. IBAA Type 1 subbase was used on the roads, pathways and in the compound areas to construct a flat and stable surface for car parking. The roads were dug up to 700mm deep for the road box formation (cut and fill procedure). IBAA Type 1 subbase was placed at 200mm layers to build up levels to the underside of asphalt.


IBAA is an extremely cost-effective material when compared to Primary Aggregates and BP UK is working towards a verified Carbon Footprint. There are also advantages logistically when using IBAA due to the low density of the material allowing for fewer vehicle movements as this gives volumetric advantages over primary materials.