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Ash processing

The Blue Phoenix group operates IBA processing installations globally and helps the EfW sector with an alternative sustainable solution for their bottom ash. As we see different needs from country to country the Blue Phoenix group has developed a suite of solutions to assure the right solution for your situation.​

The EfW sector contributes to a better environment by recycling the so called non- recyclable materials and helps cities to reduce their dependence on landfilling. After the energy has been recovered in the form of electricity and heat, a non-hazardous bottom ash (Incinerator Bottom Ash – IBA) is left.


Processing IBA
This is where the Blue Phoenix’ expertise comes into play, processing the IBA, separating Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metals from the ash and removing any unburnt plastics, wood and paper leaving a sustainable source of aggregate (IBAA) for use in many construction applications.

The thermal proces
Energy from waste (EFW) is a type of incineration that involves burning waste at temperatures over 850°C. The waste is mixed and sometimes shredded to make sure that it will burn properly. It is then moved to a combustion chamber where oxygen is added. Incinerators use the heat from the chamber to create steam, which can then be used to make electricity by turning a steam turbine.

The steam can also be used to provide heat to local homes and businesses. These types of incinerators are called energy from waste (EFW) facilities which can operate as combined heat and power (CHP) plants if they produce heat as well.

The thermal processing of non-recyclable waste streams in combination with Blue Phoenix’ ash recycling solutions increases the overall recycling and recovery of valuable raw materials from waste.