Case study

Dry ash processing in France

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In France the majority of the IBA is processed with conventional equipment removing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The remaining aggregates are used on landfill and infrastructure projects accros France.

Project description

Blue Phoenix Europe has integrated its ballistic separation technology into the existing IBA processing installation of R.E.P. (Veolia) to further improve the fine non-ferrous metal recovery. The ADR technology enables R.E.P. to process IBA more effectively and therefore deliver a higher quality aggregate for further use as a secondary aggregate in civil construction works.

R.E.P. - Claye Souilly, France

IBA Volume
120.000 ton / year


IBA processing prevents the landfilling of valuable materials, reducing the reliance on the mining of primary materials. The mineral and metal industries disrupt ecosystems and emit greenhouse gas emissions from extraction, refining, and transportation. IBA processing enables cities to be more sustainable by responsibly managing waste and providing an “urban” mine for secondary raw materials.