Case study

IBA washing in The Netherlands

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In the Netherlands, the EfW industry and the Dutch government signed the Greendeal, to improve IBA quality. To be able to comply with the strict quality standards, Blue Phoenix Group developed and patented new technology to wash the IBA. 

Project description 

The process integrates wet metal recovery to increase metal recovery. The IBA washing technology consists of multiple washing steps to clean the mineral fraction to a quality that complies with the highest standards of the Dutch Soil Decree (2020). The output minerals can be used  in civil construction works throughout the Netherlands without any restriction.

IBA volume
600 000 t IBA from multiple WtE facilities

Nauerna 1, Assendelft

Sand replacement and embankment (RAW 22.06.03)

0-20 mm (EN 13242)


IBA processing prevents the landfilling of valuable materials, reducing the reliance on the mining of primary materials. The mineral and metal industries disrupt ecosystems and emit greenhouse gas emissions from extraction, refining, and transportation. IBA processing enables cities to be more sustainable by responsibly managing waste and providing an “urban” mine for secondary raw materials.