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Metal upgrading

After the first separation step is performed at the bottom ash treatment plant to remove as many metals as feasible, the metals require further cleaning before going back into the cycle. To reach a good fit of the different products with the buyers, several further steps of metal valorization take place from the entity QR Metals. 

Purchase, Analysis and production 
The valorization path of (non)ferrous mixed materials is chosen depending on the quality and composition in which QR Metals receives it. Depending on the type of material, the optimal route is chosen. 

The specialism of the Blue Phoenix Group in non-ferrous fines recovery takes further shape in Maastricht, where the fines heavy/light separation separates even the smallest of non-ferrous particles from mineral components.  
An extensive laboratory in Maastricht keeps control of all outgoing flows from the process to check any losses that may occur. 

Based on the type of material and composition, a separation path is chosen from years of experience in separating fine non-ferrous particles. Detailed analysis of incoming flows allows for quick estimations of the value in concentrates and feedback to (external) suppliers on quality. 


The suppliers and buyers of QR Metals are mostly production companies, requiring constant outlets and feedstocks. The logistics team ensures a stable and timely supply of our feedstock to the processing facilities, as well as the (non)ferrous products to our buyers.  
With the help of our logistics team we can provide our partners the option to either outsource their logistical worries to us, or (if wanted) keep it in tight own control.  

QR Metals upgrades and trades ferrous and non-ferrous flows with a focus on long term partnerships. Together with these partners we bring the recovered metals back into circulation. These metals may come from the IBA processing installations or internal produced heavy and light non-ferrous. 

Being in regular contact with our buyers and using their feedback makes us always critical on our own operations and trying to improve on processes and channels 

Quality control of heavy nonferrous takes place through our smelting facility and wet chemical laboratory, which gives detailed insight in heavy non-ferrous compositions.