• We are Blue Phoenix Group

  • We give ash a new life

  • This takes a little magic

We are Blue Phoenix Group

The Phoenix is an extraordinary mythical creature. At the end of its life when just ashes remain, something magical happens. New life emerges out of something that seems lifeless. What we consider to be the end suddenly transforms into a new beginning. The Phoenix stands for hope and resurrection, albeit a fictional being. It is the inspiration for our company, as we give ash a new life in the real world.


Processing Incinerator Bottom Ash

Blue Phoenix Group operates incinerator bottom ash (IBA) processing installations globally and helps the Energy-from-Waste sector with alternative sustainable solutions for ash residues. As we see different needs from country to country, Blue Phoenix Group has developed a suite of solutions. We ensure the right solution for your situation. 

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The great majority of the incinerator bottom ash consists of inert brick, rubble, glass, ceramics, and stone. With over 20 years of experience processing and handling IBA aggregates (IBAA), we believe that IBAA deposits can be better used and offer an alternative manufactured aggregate suitable for many applications.

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Metal Refinery

The recovered scrap metals from bottom ash require further processing into a high-quality product sold to the metal smelter industry. Within the Blue Phoenix Group, the metal refineries operate as independent business units.

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Future Developments

Blue Phoenix Group has always been a frontrunner in IBA processing. We invest in research and development to improve the quality of the recovered minerals and metals. We have an in-house R&D and engineering department and hold several IBA processing patents.

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