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    Recycling partner and full-service waste disposal for over 50 years

Aggregates in Germany

In Germany Blue Phoenix has been addressing the challenge of industrial waste since 1969. We are part of the circular economy; with state-of-the-art technology, certified quality, a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and a high level of efficiency in the transport and processing of special industrial waste. Every year, we process more than one million tons of slag and filter dust for recycling or disposal. Our strong partnership with waste incinerators allows us to process a significant volume of slag, extract metals and minerals and then recycle the majority of it into material that can be safely reintegrated into the market.

By recovering resources on a daily basis, we are making a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the climate. Our customers are municipalities, towns, administration unions, waste incinerators, disposal companies and recycling specialists in Germany and other European countries. If you in need of a reliable and experienced service provider of comprehensive disposal and recycling services, we are the right partner for you.

150,000 Tonnes

Minerals processed per year

750,000 Tonnes

IBA processed per year

260,000 Tonnes

Filterdust processed per year

60,000 Tonnes

Ferrous metals recovered per year

25,000 Tonnes

Non-ferrous metals recovered per year

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