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    Our innovative approach of washing AEC aggregates provides a low-carbon alternatives to primary aggregates, paving the way for a sustainable future.

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In the Netherlands, household waste undergoes incineration at Energy from Waste facilities (referred to as AEC's in Dutch). Throughout this incineration process, energy like heath, electricty and warmth is generated along with residues  such as bottom ash comprising minerals, ceramics, glass, and metal parts. In 2020 it was under the Dutch Soil Decree ( Besluit Bodemkwaliteit) no longer possible  to apply bottom ash with isolation, management and control measures  ( so called IBC application) due to the high contamination levels.

In response, Blue Phoenix developed an innovative wet processing solution for processing incinerator bottom ash to assure the right quality output in line with the governmental regulation. The environmental quality of our aggregates complies with Dutch Soil Decree “Regeling Bodemkwaliteit (RbK) 2022”;. category “Niet Vorm Gegeven Bouwstof” (NVG) and also meets the RAW Standaard Bepalingen. 

We operate a large scale IBA washing facility at ACCN in Assendelft, that processes 600.000 ton IBA per year. After metal separation and structural removal of contaminants around 450.000 tonnes of secondary aggregates find its way back into the circular economy. The washed aggregates replace building material such as primary sand and gravel and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the Dutch infrastructure industry.

600,000 Tonnes

IBA processing capacity per year

0.4 mm

Processing capability for metal fines

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