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    Incinerated Bottom Ash Aggregate (IBAA) has been used for over 20 years around the world as a construction aggregate material. IBAA provides a cost-effective, low carbon, and sustainable alternative to Primary Aggregates.


Aggregates in Australia

Australia is at a turning point in allowing energy recovery from non-recyclable waste. Our dedicated team, comprising years of knowledge and experience contributes to the responsible use of IBA aggregates in Australia, improving the circularity of the waste management sector. Blue Phoenix Australia’s primary focus will be working with government departments, agencies, customers, and users to evolve regulation and support the development of sustainable aggregate markets.

Australia's first IBA facility

Our latest facility in Hope Valley, Western Australia is the first in Australia, and the world, to bring all Blue Phoenix technology together in the one plant. Blue Phoenix will process 100% of the IBA – about 80,000 tonnes per annum – from Avertas, our EfW partner. The plant recovers metal down to minus two millimeters and returning the residual aggregates into bound and unbound civil applications. This advanced process seeks to liberate agglomerated slags and metals to allow for further refinement and valorisation, but importantly the residual minerals are recovered to provide a proven aggregate for reuse in the civil construction industry. 

This facility will also be available to help educate local communities about the recycling of waste and the responsible recovery of construction materials that until now simply end up increasing the landfill debt for future generations.

100,000 Tonnes

IBA Capacity per year

76,000 Tonnes

Secondary aggregates circled back to the economy

20,000 tonnes

Metals extraction per year

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