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In Europe and around the world, there are different needs from country to country regarding the processing and the use of IBA. Blue Phoenix has developed a suite of solutions to adapt to each situation. We use in-house developed and patented technology in combination with industry-standard equipment.

For the design of an IBA processing facility, we first look at the possible application areas of the recycled aggregates and offer dry processing and IBA washing solutions. Our in-house engineering department creates installations that are optimized for the Environmental, Civil, and Economic objectives of our clients.

A simple approach to a complex problem

In a partnership with us, we start with the solution.

What’s most important to us is to first understand what quality of output is needed to meet the needs of your desired application and to assure legal compliance. After understanding the specifications of the output, do we then evaluate our comprehensive suite of technologies to determine the most effective solution for each client.

We recognise the importance of choosing the right IBA processor; one which can offer best value including a range of benefits in addition to the financials. Having a high performing, reliable, professional and compliant IBA processor to partner you in your EfW journey is essential.

Solution creators

We’re experts in environmental legislation and regulatory compliance so you don’t have to be.

With decades of experience, and worldwide operations, we’re a trusted full-service partner in dealing with both mature and emerging markets. Whether you’re operating in a market with complex rules and regulations, or you’re moving into a market that is in its EfW infancy, our approach is designed to work together to build a solution that works for you.

One technology doesn’t fit all 

In-house Research & Innovation for a better outcome.  

Our expert engineering team are constantly exploring new technologies and processes to enhance our offer to the Energy-from-Waste (EFW) and construction industries. Our mission to build a sustainable future, challenges our group to constantly improve and adapt to local demands and legal requirements. We listen to the partners that off-take our manufactured aggregates and metals and always strive to improve our qualities. Within our company, we have developed patented ballistic separation and IBA washing technologies that are proven technologies today.

Our R&I team works hard to find different applications for IBA to ensure that nothing goes to waste. We invest highly in research and technology to transform our ideas into sustainable realities, and operate several demonstration and testing facilities dedicated to innovation.

Blue Phoenix operates incinerator bottom ash (IBA) installations globally and helps the Energy-from-Waste (EfW) sector with an alternative sustainable solution for IBA. We process the IBA and extract valuable resources such as manufactured aggregates and metals that can be used as secondary raw materials. We operate IBA processing installations and work with local operators to help optimize their IBA processing. We create high-quality manufactured aggregates that comply with the country's local needs and have developed a suite of dry and wet processing solutions to assure the right quality output in line with local legislation.

It's our problem

The increase in municipal solid waste (MSW) in the past decades is a major environmental and societal concern. Waste management technologies have continuously improved to recycle and manage waste to minimize the impacts on the environment. Nevertheless, a large proportion of our waste cannot effectively be recycled. The incineration of MSW for energy recovery is an effective way to utilize the so called “non-recyclable” portion, reduce waste volume and replace fossil fuels to generate energy for our society. The energy recovery process liberates valuable resources that can now be extracted from the ash residues and recirculated in our economy.