• IBAA in Germany

Origin, Processing and Storage

IBAA (referred to as incinerator bottom ash aggregate in the corresponding regulations) is produced by processing the IBA (Incinerator bottom ash) that is generated in thermal treatment plants when processing municipal waste (household waste and household-type commercial waste).

The municipal waste is incinerated at temperatures between 900 °C and 1,300 °C. According to the current state of the art, around 280 kg of HMV bottom ash is produced in the incineration chamber per tonne of municipal waste. The HMV bottom ash is produced from the HMV bottom ash cooled with water through targeted processing and storage. The HMV bottom ash is processed in such a way that it has consistent properties. Batches of HMV bottom ash with an increased proportion of unburnt material and insufficient burnout are generally excluded from processing.

Depending on the area of application, HMV slag can be processed into different delivery grain sizes.


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